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This is my third time trying to post my magazine. It still isn’t set up the same way others’ posts look, but at least the visual is here this time.



My magazine

How to Post Your Magazine Project

I have been getting some questions regarding how to post the magazine project to the blog. These directions should help. You will be exporting three separate JPEGS (Cover/Ad, Spread 1, and Spread 2).

1. In InDesign, go to File – Export

2. Save the JPEG as your Cover. When you click Save, another box will open. You need to make some changes in this box! You should change the RANGE to 2-3, and make sure SPREADS is checked. This will only export pages 2 and 3 of your document, which should be the cover and advertisement.

Follow these same steps, only changes the page numbers you want to export each time. The second time, you will export pages 4 and 5, and the third time you will export pages 6 and 7. You will then upload all three images to the blog.

Here is an example:

Magazine Cover

Sports Illustrated is known for its sportsĀ  photography. This cover from 2 years ago proves it. This image of former Orange star Johnny Flynn works well. The fact that he is at center and pointing at the reader grabs a buyers eye. The Blurred background of people’s heads allows for the Sports Illustrated and article sell line to stand out. I also bet Wilson and the NCAA were excited that their logos can be seen clearly on the basketball in Johnny’s hand. The lighting is really good and adds to the image.

Blog Post Week 11: Magazines

This week, please post a picture of a magazine cover. Then describe three reasons why it is successful or unsuccessful. In your analysis you may discuss the image, typography, photography, color, size, alignment, etc.

As you post these covers and comment on your classmates’, be thinking about how you can transfer the successful characteristics to your own design.

This post is due by Friday, April 1 at 11:59 p.m. Two comments will be due Sunday night.

*If you are turning in your poster this week, you must also upload a JPEG of your poster and comment on two of your classmates’ posters.