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Charlie Sheen Posters

The following posters were created in class on Thursday, March 10. Each group was given 30 minutes to create a poster advertising “Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter” Day. They all started with the same image. The winning poster was created by Charlotte, Emily, Amanda S. and Casey. Nice job to all!

Schaefer, Neveldine, Smith, Valigursky

Tran, Vaisman, Orcutt, Krengel, Perskin

Cohen, Lee, Ayodeji, Tan, Parker

Stahl, Spina, Ramirez, Roseman, Jones

Orcutt, Vaisman, Krengel, Tran, Perskin


Comic Sans Criminal

I thought this site presented an interesting look at the importance of choosing an appropriate font!

about mandy

1. I am double-jointed.

2. My favorite t.v. show is I Love Lucy.

3. I will always watch Disney movies!