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(Week 3) Wordmarks

The reason I chose the North Face as a good example of wordmarks is that it is simply designed and is clearly symbolized as a famous logo. The wordmarks are all caps and bold which make it more readable and clearly apparent. Since the wordmarks are white colors always, it appears forward to the background. No matter what type of background is, the logo itself appears so well that every product advertises the brand as well.

(week 7) Poster

I chose “Jules Cheret” because it was created in 1889 when print technology was not improved yet. Despite that condition, the poster is beautifully designed with three basic colors: yellow, blue, and red. According to the article, back in that time, the printer could have an ink with the rainbow colors only which is kind of limited source to make a big, nice poster. Although this poster has just three colors, they are used efficiently and visually mixed as well. If that poster was designed nowadays, it would be much more colorful and technically improved like the quality of printer, ink, and design programs and tools.



Helvetica the Movie

This movie really made me thing about type in a new way. Type is a form of expression. It says something to the viewer of a poster, magazine, newspaper, etc. I never really understood why designers really cared that much about type, but now I see for them it is about stating what they believe in.

Personally, I am not really sure what side I fall on, pro Helvetica or against Helvetica. The designers who are all for Helvetica make a good argument foe why they use it and why the typeface is so versatile. On the other side it is interesting to hear from the people who see that not using Helvetica is a rebellious statement. The comment that stuck with me after the movie was ” Helvetica is like the Government, like the Vietnam war.” I can see where she was coming from when she said that because Helvetica really has become generalized and sterile¬†over the last 50 years.

So all and all, I really liked the movie and I thought it was incredibly interesting and powerful.

Helvetica: the movie

I still can’t believe that there is a movie about a typeface! I actually found it very interesting and fun. I had no idea how widely used Helvetica is. It can be found just about anywhere you look; it’s around every corner and used on every other sign. I often have a hard time liking and using a typeface that is cliche or “over-used”, but this movie made me see Helvetica a little differently. The reason it is so widely used is because it is effective and clear to read. I enjoyed learning the history of the type and where it came from. The movie, along with this class all semester long, has really made me see typography in a whole new way, with a new perspective; I definitely appreciate it much more.

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Prior to watching Helvetica, I knew how ubiquitous the typeface was, but I never considered it’s origins or why¬†it is so popular. Learning about the European roots of Helvetica, as well as seeing the actual type foundries and process of creating the typeface, was very interesting. Additionally, the background of the naming of Helvetica (how it started out at “Helvetia,” which is Latin for “Switzerland”) was a great fact. I liked how the film incorporated a variety of countries to show how universal Helvetica is, and showed actual signs and posters to remind viewers where they have seen Helvetica in action. Overall, the film was highly informative and a great way to close out the course, because it showed how relevant and important an understanding of design can be in our society.