For the extra credit post, I chose the Pixar company and its unique skills of graphic design.
Pixar has been responsible for many crucial developments in the application of computer graphics (CG) for filmmaking others. It has delivered the best quality of animations, films, and images of characters to audience with the outstanding computer technology. According to its website, Pixar’s technical and creative teams have collaborated since 1986. They have been working so hard to develop a wealth of production by a unique software used in-house to create its movies.
In addition, Pixar has an improving history of computer graphic skills by sharing its advances within the broader CG community. They are qualified with technical papers, technology partnerships, and most notably, “its publicly available RenderMan product for the highest-quality”, photo-realistic images currently available.
One of the most famous animation film, Toy Story, represents the Pixar’s traditional CG skills and improvements. As Toy Story’s series move on, Pixar’s technological quality gets improved as well and that is why every one loves the whole series of Toy Story today. The Pixar is therefore one of the most crucial part of new media and has a great outstanding work in technology today.