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Magazine Cover

I think this is a very striking magazine cover with an effective use of bleeding. It is a very good example of when less is more and when a picture says the most graphically. I also think that the coloring of the typeface was utilized well and works with the image of the dark and gloomy sky. Very heavy impact.



Esquire always has very effective, well put together covers. This cover is simple, yet still eye-catching. The positioning of George Clooney in the center shows that the focus is on him. The typography is very clean and easy to read, even as some of it gets smaller and is positioned behind Clooney. The way the text is angled and the shadow behind Esquire gives the image/cover depth. And even though George’s head blocks the middle of his name and the Esquire text, both are so well-known that it doesn’t affect the viewer’s ability to read it and understand what it is or says. The color used in this cover also makes it a success; the burnt orange color used in the name of the magazine stands out against the gray-scale background (gray, black and white). The same burnt orange color is repeated as little scribble lines that serve as separation for the rest of the text on the cover. This repetition of color is very effective and attention-grabbing.

Magazine Cover.

In looking through previous Bon Appétit covers, the August 2008 cover of a deliciously dripping scoop of cherry ice cream adorned with chocolate and almonds caught my eye.  This “summer scoop” serves as the covers main visual and is an effective one at that.  The photographer captured a perfectly formed droplet of chocolate and made a messy melting ice cream cone seem so appealing.  I think this creates a great juxtaposition as well, with the imperfect ice cream cone placed on a plain white background and surrounded by the clean and simple lines of the sans serif typeface.  Incorporating the bright pink color of the cherry ice cream into the rest of the design is very effective as well, coloring portions of the headlines as well as the O and the accent over the E in Bon Appétit.  I love that every aspect of the design is tied back into the main ice cream cone visual, the color scheme being a major portion, yet even the headline which reads “Summer Scoop, fast and fun ice cream treats,” creatively makes reference to how these delicious treats melt in the heat of summer.


After searching magazine covers on google, for some reason this one caught my attention.  Although it is more then a decade old I think its a great cover.  The first reason is because of the color.  The way “human” is the same color as his jersey and “highlight” is white really makes them compliment each other  makes it really stand out.  The second reason why this poster was successful is because of the typography.  I don’t know what font that is but not only does it look good but it illustrates “human highlight” well.  The last reason why this poster is successful is because of how they photo-shopped Mike Vick onto this cover.  It appears he is in front of the magazine title “ESPN,” but behind the headlight of “human highlight.”  It give the poster dimensionality.

Poster Design


I absolutely love the simplicity of Italian Vogue. This cover is eye catching and exquisite. The color of the nameplate is drawn from her bikini and the Gestalt principle takes full effect with the addition of the pink pen. I think the combination of the fuchsia and leopard jacket is gorgeous. The smokey, almost sepia tone in the photo is so perfect for the style that model is conveying. The simple right justified all capital text is beautiful and simple against the photo. The simplicity of the cover makes it all the more intriguing.

Magazine Cover


I really like this cover, I think that it’s really effective at getting people’s attention. Because Friends was a great sitcom and each character is portrayed with a funny expression on their face. I also really like that this poster uses a lot of primary colors, it makes the headlines and theme of this magazine stand out better. Friends is also one of my favorite shows on TV and I think that this cover portrays each of their personalities perfectly.


magazine cover

I like this magazine cover for several reasons. The background is clean and simple. The text and image clearly stand out on the white background.  There are 3 colors present on this cover: white, orange and black. These colors are not conflicting and work well together. The orange is bold and is easy to read as it stretches across the model. It also makes the magazine’s name stand out. The image is strong and i like how the ‘W’ rests on the model’s shoulder. Though the magazine was creative with their choice of typefaces, all of them are easy to read.

Magazine coverpage

This is the cover page from “Vogue,” which is my favorite magazine.
The reason this cover page is successfully designed is that its image, typography, photography and entire tone of color match amazingly. First the image of this cover page model has brownish blond hair, which makes the whole design more luxurious and stylish. The typography of Vogue is designed with different types of metallic gold, matching with the hair color again. The other typography, the one on the bottom, is very futuristic and modern which conveys the main message of the magazine. Its size is not too big but not too small; just perfect to read straightforward.