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Poster #33 is intriguing. The poster has a picture of Obama done in red, white, and blue colors which is smart because the poster conveys the message that Obama is hope for America. It would have been cliché if there had been a picture of an American flag under a picture of Obama in actual colors. The word “Hope” is carefully placed on his jacket and stretched from left to right. This helps guide my eyes from one part of the page to another. This poster was created recently and maybe with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator but I don’t think it is that different from a poster created without those programs would have been. The colors and the fact that the picture looks like a painting makes it seem personal and not too digitized. This picture of Obama was a photograph before the poster designer took it into his own hands and was creative with it. The poster is clearly Pro-Obama so I think it was effective in its design and conveys that the message. It is simple and doesn’t have too much going on to distract the viewer.



I absolutely love the Michael Kors ads. The colors are always so vibrant and the image so quintessential American.  The use of vibrant orange yellow hues brings warmth and positive energy to the picture. The colors make it seem like Michael Kors clothing is for the all-American. Michael Kors clothing is approachable, yet sophisticated. Also, the bright colors draw you right to the advertisement it entices you to keep looking. Everyone can relate to a beautiful fall day and the warm colors definitely convey this image.

The choice of a “golden” retriever as opposed to a black lab is even striking. The dog also makes the image warm. The man’s dark outfit is striking against that light background. The couple looks happy… orange is happy, wearing Michael Kors makes you happy.

We are moving on to your third project: posters! This week, I want you to visit this website:

Spend some time looking at these posters and thinking about how technology has changed the way we design. A lot of the posters on this site were created by hand, since InDesign and Photoshop did not exist.

Pick 1 of these posters and analyze the design principles used. Do you like it? Why or why not? Is it effective? If the poster was created today, would it still have the same feel?

Make sure you write down the number of the poster you are analyzing in your post. Do not analyze a poster that your classmate has already discussed! There are plenty of posters to choose from.

Feel free to post the image of the poster so people can identify what you are talking about.

Post is due by Friday night; comments by Sunday.


The use of a warm color (red) as the background for the “West Side Story” poster is effective because it conveys the strong emotions and violence that are present throughout the musical.  I think that the mix of black and white text works well for this poster because the black text leads the eye up to the white text, which is used for the information about the movie. The contrast between red and black is particularly effective because the eye is immediately drawn to the large black text and staircase drawing. Additionally, the use of black for one set of figures and white for the other represents the two rival gangs in the film.

I’ve always found the Human Rights Campaign logo to be bold and effective.  The campaign works for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights and not only does it play with the word equality itself by using an equal sign as the primary visual, it also incorporates warm, cool and complimentary colors.  A bright yellow, the warm color of the design, creates the equal sign shape within the deep blue rectangular shape.  This deep blue is the cooler color of the design.  Blue and yellow are complimentary colors, sitting directly across from each other on the color wheel, because of this the Human Rights Campaign logo not only becomes aesthetically pleasing but also extremely eye catching.  An organization that stands for people’s rights should embody a bold, powerful and highly effective design and because of their choice of coloring, these goals are accomplished.


Business Card


When looking around, I immediately was drawn to this poster. I feel that the red is a great contrast to the black of the poster and the white of the letters. These three colors are frequently paired together and I think that in this situation it works really well. Because the big red symbol is on top of a white ghost, it helps to emphasize that part of the poster in a way that works much better than if the red symbol had been just placed on top of the black background. The use of the white ghost gives a greater contrast to the poster.




As I was looking through poster images, my eye was immediately attracted to this one because of its mix of very bright and very dark colors.  The reds, yellows and oranges draw the eye in.  Interestingly, their extreme warmness contradict the scene of chaos and destruction.  The only other color used is black.  Against the bright colors, black is used horizontally across the bottom of the image and diagonally through the center.  It leads the eye to the bottom left corner, where the movie information is listed.


business card